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680 Microplate Absorbance Reader


Flexibility, Performance, and Value

The Model 680 microplate absorbance reader provides laboratories that need an economical, high-performance microplate reader with flexible configurations. Optional onboard graphical thermal printer and precision temperature control are factory options with Model 680 readers. Superior onboard software provides user log-in, plenty of room for protocols and data storage, and sufficient curve-fit and reporting functions

Key features of this superb microplate reader include:

  • Measurement range of 0.000 - 3.500 OD! Higher than conventional readers with upper limit of 3.000 OD
  • Capability to read flat, U or V bottom microplates or 8 or 12 well strip plates
  • Automatic calibration before each reading to dramatically reduce drift and channel-to-channel variation
  • Expanded wavelength range for more applications
  • Variable-speed plate shaking capability: On board mixer
  • Easy-access 8-position filter wheel, with four standard filters provided with each reader
  • Optional onboard graphical thermal printer
  • Compact design for laboratories with limited benchspace
  • High accuracy, linearity and reproducibility

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