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Glucocard II - Advanced and Accurate Glucose Measurement Device


Measuring blood glucose levels is no longer an extraordinary event. It has become as normal in our daily lives as washing our faces when we get up in the morning, and dining with our family members.
You can store your data just like keeping a diary since the test meter memorizes all the results for you.
SUPER GLUCOCARD II assists you in a manner so that managing your blood glucose levels will not be a burden to your style.

  • A compact body with a large display
    Our credit-card sized test meter easily fits into one's palm. It is handy and convenient for measurement anywhere. Additionally, the display has been enlarged for better visibility of test results.


  • Ultra small sample volume
    A mere 3 Ál sample volume is required for measurement which has no physical burden even on children or the elderly.


    1. GLUCOCARD TM Test Strip II
    3. Multi Lancet II
    4. Multilet

  • Easy measurement operation
    Simply insert the disposable test strip into the test meter and apply blood sample. The measurement is completed within 30 seconds and the test result appears on the display.


  • Automatic storage of test results
    Up to 20 test results will be stored automatically. It also calculates the average of the stored data for further convenience in data management.


  • Specifications
    Test Glucose in whole blood
    Sample Volume Approximately 3 Ál
    Test Strip GLUCOCARD Test Strip II only
    Measuring Range 20-600 mg/dl (1.1-33.3mmol/l)
    Measuring Time 30 seconds
    Temperature Compensation Automatic compensation
    using a built-in thermosensor
    Calibration Curve Automatic selection by using a Calibration Strip
    Power Source Two replaceable 3-volt lithium batteries (DL or CR2032)
    Battery Life Approximately 1000 tests
    Low Battery Indication Two indications (the Meter displays the battery symbol and stops making measurements)
    Operating Environment Tempreature Range 10░-40░ C (50░-104░ F)
    Humidity 20-80%RH (No dew condensation)
    Dimensions 51.0X87.0X14.5mm
    Weight Approximately 45g
    Test Strip
    Storage Store at room temperature lower than 30░ C
    Expiry 1 year and 6 months after production
    Package Unit 50 strips/box
    Design and specification may be subject to change without notice.

 7 Product benefits to choose from
 . . . and you are free from fear & worry of test results

  • Automatic sample aspiration
  • No worry about the placement of blood drop
  • Blood drop has to be placed on the defined area
  • Individually protected foil - packed strip
  • Bottle packaging
  • Expiry within few months after first opening
  • Autostart Mechanism : No Buttons
  • Operating buttons
  • Zero maintenance : No cleaning required
  • Reaction site outside the meter
  • Cleaning required after each test
  • Biosensor technology
  • Reflectance photometry
  • Minimum invasive : Ultra small sample volume approx. 3 ÁL
  • No worry about the size of blood drop
  • Large drop of blood required
  • Handy & convenient
  • Large & Bulky with multi-step operation

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