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Optical Precision at its best

1 Zydus Pathline
New: ATC 2000

Advanced Research Microscope System

1 Labomed
Microscope Binocular Model VISION-2000

Observation Head :-Binocular, smoothly adjustable okular tubes for interpupillary distance having graduate scale. One of the okulars provides with focussing sleeve for dioptric adjustment. All Prisms are made to high optical accuracy. Anti-fungus coated.

Co-axial Focussing System:- A novel four stage reduction gear system sliding smoothly on ball bearing guideways which provides the highest degree of sensitivity free from BACK-Lash in operating the fine focussing of Optical system. Slow motion knob graduated showing 1 Div=0.002 mm

Tension Control Ring:- Enables you to adjust the tension on foccusing knob-takes care for life long problem of loosening or slipping of stage block due towear and tear.

Revolving Nose Piece:- Quintuple -precisely built on ball bearing to provide life long smooth rotation with colour-coded rubber grip. Brings each objective to a perfact position every time for common field centre with a built in positive click stop.

Sub Stage Condenser:- N.A. 1.3 with Aspheric Lens system to provide optimum illumination. Slideing Filter. Up & down movement through Rack & Pinion. Slot for upgradation to Phase Control Observation.

Mechanical Stage:- 'Soft Feel' Low Drive Mechanical Stage with Sophisticated Ball Bearing slides for fractionaless and jerk free movement. Modular & Rigid Co-axial control stage in extra large size (125x120 mm). Low position co-axial control control provide on right hand side for complete operational  conveience. Range of Movement is 76mm in X- and 45 mm in y-axis with vernier scale reading to 0.1 mm.

Extra Large Base :- To suppert the robust arm, has built in illumination system with switch mode power supply (SMPS) with soft start and continusaly stable out-put fuctioning as built CVT with plastic cover and hand rests for ease of operation. Quick change bulb provision.It overcomes problems of voltage fluctuation from 180V to 260V and thus saves your bulb's life.

Optics :- DIN SEMI PLAN (SPL)  4x,10x,40x(SL) and 100x(SL) Oil Imm.

Eyepiece :- Extra Wide Field 10x (18 mm) with high eye point.




Microscope Binocular MLX-J

With built in 6V 20W halogen light illuminator quadruple ball bearing nosepiece high resolution, EA Achromatic objectives 10x,40x(spring) and 100x (Oil Imm.)from Olympus, Japan
1 Olympus

Monocular Microscope  Model HB

Achromatic Objectives : 10x, 40x, and 100x      Oil Immersion Spring Loaded

Widefield Eyepiece : NWF10x

Graduated Mechanical Stage

Abbe Condenser ( N.A. 1.25 )

Iris Diaphragm




Binocular Microscope Model KICEBI

Ocular tubes for inter-pupillary distance & focussing sleeve for dioptric adjustment.

All Lenses of high optical accuracy

Co Axial Focussing System.

Revolving nosepiece.

Graduated Mechanical Stage. Extra large base. Built in Illumination system with Field Iris to control the requirement of light.

Achromatic Objectives :- 4 x,10 x,40 x (SL) ,100 x (SL) oil immersion

Eyepiece Extra Wide field 10x with high eye point.


Optima Trinocular   Zydus Pathline


Optima Image Analysis System   Zydus Pathline





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