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Welcome to our featured section. This part of the website is primarily for practitioners though everyone is welcome. We shall be featuring articles on the cutting edge technologies, latest information and new techniques.


Hepatitis Markers - The complete picture

While the diagnosis of Hepatitis is usually limited to the HBsAg and HCV Tests, this article explores how the complete profile enables a better diagnosis. A must read to understand the importance and interpretation of these 'Viral Hepatitis Markers'.

Posted on : 24/04/02

C-Reactive Protein

We discuss at length the significance of this glycoprotein as an excellent non specific marker for acute infection and inflammations. We further attempt to understand how it compares with ESR.

By. Dr. S.G.Deodhare, originally published at Patho-India website. (The author has given his kind permission for inclusion of this article at www.embeediagnostics.com)

Posted on : 09/02/02

HbA1c - Next generation Diabetes Monitoring

In this section, we find out what makes HbA1c among the best Diabetes Markers, why monitor it and how to do it. A must read for all! We also try explaining what makes HbA1c testing much better than Glycosylated Hemoglobin Testing.

Posted on : 21/07/01

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) 

If you ever wondered what this is all about and what's there in it for you, then this is the place. Our verdict is that PCR is the technology of the future.

Posted on : 15/06/01


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