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Since 1985 , Embee Diagnostics has been striving to introduce Diagnostic products that offer our customers the latest in technology, an unmatched range, quality, convenience and economy. The company, committed and dedicated towards excellent customer service, has created history by establishing the name of the organization as one of the best managed diagnostic solution providers in the entire country .

The company has been rewarded with a number of awards for outstanding performances by organizations such as Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Labsystems, Ranbaxy etc.

Our Aims and Objectives :

  1. Availability of Diagnostic Kits , Reagents , Instruments , Equipment , accessories and disposables for all Labs under one roof.
  2. Personalized attention , Expert Guidance and Excellent Services to provide Complete Customer Satisfaction.
  3. Providing a variety of test packs suitable for lower as well as higher volume labs.
  4. It is because every customer receives equal and utmost importance on every visit / call to our office , that our client base is more than 4000 esteemed customers.


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